Relatives : Evil
Portrayed by : Tim Curry
First appearance : First Contact at the End of Part 2

Gaal was a Man who claimed to have killed at least 20 People on the stations. He was sent to G889 as part of the E-2 program. There, he claimed to have killed at least 6 other penal colonists.Commander Broderick O Neill was killed by his Grendlers, as he Enter´s in his Lair. In the Episode" Promises, Promises", he take the Terrians hostage, and make she to his Servants,put Shock Colloars on she. The Terrrian-Bone-Necklace who her wears protect him from the Terrians, so he have the Terrians under his Control. True see that he is not a Nice Person, and freeing the Terrians, she rip the necklace from him, and the Terrians take´s Gaal in the Underground.

Appearances: Edit

  • First Contact( First Apparaence at the End of Part 2).
  • The Man who fell to Earth
  • Life Lesson
  • Promises, Promises (last Apparaence)
  • Short Appearance in a Flashback Sequence from(Better Living through Morganite Part 2)

Behind of Scenes Edit

Gaal was played by Tim Curry in all of his Apparaence's